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As usual, nothing out of the box is good enough.  Change is good especially if and when it improves things.  These are basically my notes gathered from Googling around for customizations wanted and used regularly.  Some of the below may be done via the registry, if comfortable, go for it, if not, do not!  Either way, I’ll try to help!


Use at your own risk!


Happy Tweaking!


Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit SP1, Mozilla Firefox, on an Acer Aspire 5150 Laptop

AMD Phenom(tm) II N660 Dual-Core Processor (self-upgraded from single-core V120)

3.00 GHz, 8GB RAM, 250GB HDD



I customize the toolbar by dragging & dropping things so as to use the minimal amount of vertical screenestate.





Add-ons: If there’s any version issues, ask me for the modified installer (version numbers below were current only at time of publishing).


1. Adblock Plus (v2.0.3)    — Ads were yesterday!

2. Answers (v2.3.54)    — Alt+Click on any word or term for quick info (definitions, up-to-the-minute reference, and more). No selection is necessary!

3. Autofill Forms (v0.9.8.3)    — Fill out web forms automatically

4. Brief (v1.5.4)    — A feed reading extension.

5. CoLT (v2.5.5)    — Makes it easy to copy link text and locations.

6. Extended Copy Menu (fix version) (v1.6.1c)    — Provides the option to copy selection as plain text or html.

7. FEBE (v7.0.3.2)    — Backup your Firefox data

8. FireFTP (v2.0.1)    — FTP Client for Mozilla Firefox.

9. Flash Video Downloader Youtube Downloader (v3.4.3)    — Flash Video Downloader helps you to download any video or audio from anywhere.

10. Forecastfox (v2.0.21)    — Get international weather forecasts with this highly customizable extension

11. IE View Lite (v1.3.5)    — Cut down version of IE View by Paul Roub.

12. ReminderFox (v1.9.9.5)    — Displays and manages reminders and ToDo's

13. Restartless Restart (v8)    — Fennec users enable to restart, otherwise a File -> Restart menu item will be added.

14. Screen grab! with Online Upload (v1.07)    — Screen grab enhanced with uploading to

15. Smiley Xtra (v5.0.7)    — Insert smilies into forum posts, blogs and more!

16. SortPlaces (v1.9.1)    — Sorts your bookmarks

17. StockFox (v1.3.2)    — Lightweight integration of a stock ticker into the browser

18. Tab Mix Plus (v0.4.0pre.120204a)    — Tab browsing with an added boost.

19. Web Developer (v1.1.9)    — Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.

20. WebMail Notifier (v2.9.2)    — Notifies your webmails

21. deskCut (v0.6.0.3)    — Create desktop shortcuts from the context-menu. Windows, Linux and Mac supported.









This file sets the display rules for various elements in Firefox which allows you to customize the way Firefox looks.  It’s located in the sub-folder called ‘chrome’ in your profile folder (your Profile Folder is here: press the Alt key to show the menu bar items, then go to Help + Troubleshooting Information + Open Containing Folder).  There’s an example file that exists there by default, it’s called userChrome-example.css.   Basically, just exit Firefox, rename that file to userChrome.css, open it with Notepad, delete everything in it and paste the entries below into it (it begins with /* and ends with }).  Save the changes, close the file and open Firefox to see the changes.  To revert back, simply rename it to its original name.  Oh, don’t forget to first install all the Add-ons above.



/*Selvan’s UserChrome.css entries*/


/* hide back or forward buttons when grayed */


#forward-button[disabled="true"] {




/* hide rss feed button when grayed */

#feed-button[disabled="true"] {




/* hide close button on the add-on bar */

#addonbar-closebutton {

visibility: collapse !important;



/* hide boomark star icon in the address bar */

#star-button {

display: none !important;



/* hide bookmarks menu items */














#BMB_bookmarksPopup menuseparator:nth-last-child(2),

#appmenu_bookmarksPopup menuseparator[builder="end"],











#appmenu_unsortedBookmarks {

display: none !important;



/*End of UserChrome.css entries*/







            Profile Manager


            Create a shortcut to firefox.exe, in the target line of the properties, add –p like so: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" –p







        Mailto Links

        enable it and the use of multiple Gmail accounts in the same browser session


1. enable multiple sign-in for all your gmail accounts

2. open a new tab and go to this URL: about:config

3. search for and set gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost to true

4. go to tools + web developer + scratchpad

5. go to environment + content

6. replace all text in the window with the code below (be sure to use your e-mail address and your differentiating name to appear in the Launch Application window)

7. go to execute + run

8. click Add Application to accept it in the pop-up

9. go back to about:config and set gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost back to false

10. go to Tools + Options + Applications and set mailto to Always ask.  If you don’t see it, close Firefox and delete mimeTypes.rdf in your profile folder

11. test your efforts with these mailto links, mine opens the Launch Application window where my wife can select hers or I mine


Code for the first account:






Code for the second account (same but with a different e-mail address and name:


















Selvan Poothamby, February 5, 2012 JavaScript Menu Courtesy of